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I disagree with the CNN IBN CJ

September 16, 2012

Last night after the news we happened to watch the TV Show ‘Citizen Journalist’. Of the issues that were being chased by IBN through its Citizen Journalists was ‘CJ Shivraj can’t get a driving license because he can’t see with one eye’.

I appreciate the causes/ fights the citizen journalists take up BUT, in my view, this is not the right cause IBN is taking up. As a good media channel IBN helps creating awareness among the people about their rights as well improving their ability to think logically and analytically about a particular issue.

I had my learner’s licence and then permanent licence in 2001 and that too not through any tout. I had personally gone to the RTO and appeared for the written and driving tests. Since I had filled all the required forms myself, I had some idea that there is a kind of declaration of fitness that a person has to give and a certificate from a registered medical practitioner is also mandatory. These forms were also essential when I applied for the renewal of my licence when I attained the age of fifty years. As far as I remembered, there was a clause of clear vision and hearing in the fitness declaration. So I sat to dig the site of the Department of Transport, Govt. of Delhi, to see if these forms are available for download.

And here these forms are: Form 1 and Form 1A.

The following pictures of the form clearly shows the declarations about vision and hearing impairment.

Fitness Declaration by the Applicant

Fitness Declaration by the Applicant

Fitness for Side Vision

Fitness for Side Vision

Danger to Public

Danger to Public

It is possible that there may not be any laid down/written rule that a person with one eye can’t be given a licence, but what is important to note is that by showing and backing up such causes IBN is giving people an impression that they are entitled to get the licence NO matter what their abilities are. I am sure the IBN corresondents will agree that it is NOT only the saftey of CJ Shivraj that is at stake but also of other people who are driving on the roads. If something untoward happens to such a person, CNN IBN would surely have been the first to raise the issue ‘How the licence was given by the MLO if the person was not  medically fit?’

Media channels are a good source to create awareness amongst people but there is a thin line between ‘creating awareness’ and ‘instigating’ and media needs to tread very carefully not to cross this.

Sangita Passey
16 September 2012


From → Boiling Point

  1. Interesting point. I must say, I never thought about sight impairment from one eye as a disability but after reading your post I am thinking that it has got to impact response/reaction time of the driver. However, so could other things which probably don’t impact one’s entitlement to a driver’s license – e.g. severe obesity or persistent arthritis or mental trauma etc.
    I think this is a tricky one. Though the rules are very clear on sight disability. Legally, CNN-IBN does have a ‘case’, so to speak.

  2. Thanks Rickie! This is the first comment I have received on my blog. Interesting points raised by you…Department of Transport must ponder on these too!

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