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Why did I buy these mugs?

September 17, 2012
Yoga Mugs

Yoga Mugs

Yes, why did I buy mugs where yoga postures in graphic art were printed on one and the other had a yoga and fitness wordle. A wordle, for those not knowing what it means, is a set of related words arranged in a design format that may give it the appearance of a statement in itself.

You’ve heard of ‘message reinforcement’? The reason was simple. I wanted fitness to get into my thoughts from the moment I woke up in the morning. The mandatory morning of tea also seemed to shout at me to get over with tea-sipping fast and get down to the more serious business of yoga… well, at least some form of exercise that may keep me fitter.

To tell you the truth, the mugs were a big nuisance to begin with. They would be there together on the mug rack and give me a wolf whistle every morning and tease me with words like… Are we going out, dear?…. When will we start a fitness program?… Are we still going to wait for more months?… and so on.

‘These mugs are really getting on my nerves,’ I told my husband who was surprised. He said he really did not think mugs had the power to unnerve me at all. But then he doesn’t take tea and so doesn’t know anything about this mental harassment at all. His morning tepid lemon with honey is served to him in a glass tumbler… and so he remains at a rather safe distance from a yoga word-beating!

I now keep telling myself; ‘Why did I ever decide to buy these mugs?’ However, it was my husband who decided to cure this yoge-tease. One morning he walked sleepily into the kitchen in the morning and asked, ‘Which are funny yoga-teasers here?’

The mugs shouted together: ‘We’re the yoga fans here!’

‘Well, yoga fans, I have some information for you, said my husband in a calm and firm tone, ‘You were bought by me. So in future whenever you have to say any bright things, tell them to me when I am here.’

‘Roger, sir,’ said the mugs in unison.

After a few days, my husband asked, ‘Has the tease ceased?’

‘Well, sort of.’

‘Sort of, means?’

‘Now they don’t heckle me to start yoga. They just warn me that they’ll send an RTI seeking information about being given the proof of who actually purchased them,’ I smiled and then told the whole story, ‘I know that the mugs can’t read nor write and so I tell them to get going with their adult education first and then get down to writing their RTI application in their own handwriting.’

So now I have a set of Yoga mugs that worry about learning the language than heckle me to do Yoga every morning. I tell myself: Always ask your husband for a solution. You’ll get the right one!

Sangita Passey
17 September 2012


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  1. haha Good one there! Loved the mugs, btw 🙂
    So glad you started a blog! Trust me, you’re going to have lots of fun with this space here. Idea Masala rocks!

  2. I need these mugs, I really do

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