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Pink Panther Raita

September 22, 2012

It was a lazy Sunday morning after the busy week and another working Saturday.  Saturdays have been working days for me for more than last two months as I was the Chief Admission Officer for admissions.  This had disturbed the regular routine of our weekly grocery shopping on Saturdays at the superstore and rest on Sunday.  Now, with this new assignment, even Sundays had become working days as all those weekly purchases had to be done on Sunday.

Last week I was too tired to go for shopping and checked the stores and stocks in the fridge.

‘Ah! I guess I have enough of stock of vegetables and fruits for a week and should be able to pull through the next week’, I said to Arvind.

‘You are the best judge. If you want I can drive to the store though’, replied Arvind

‘No, I am not going to the super market. I will relax today.’

No shopping. No outing. No social commitments. And there was also the great Sunday nap!

The next week started and ended on its usual hectic note for the admissions were still going on. But my stocks in the fridge were depleting. My maid Meenu too had been intelligent enough to decide on her own and cook something for us every day without bothering me to think about these trivial things. She knew ‘Auntie ji aajkal bahut busy hain’!

And then came this Sunday… and I stood in front of the open and empty and lonely fridge.

‘There is no bread, butter, jam and spread!’ I said aloud.

‘Ok, we’ll have museli for the breakfast, I like museli!’ said Arvind while reading the newspaper.

I opened the kitchen cupboard to find that even museli was also not there. Yes, museli was finished earlier and was on the last week’s shopping-list.

‘No museli either!’  I said.

‘Never mind we’ll see what is there and what we can have for today before we go shopping!’ saying this Arvind came in the kitchen.

We opened the fridge and surveyed. A bowl of last night’s left over pulao, two eggs were all we could find. A bowl of curd that was set last night as a routine was just an addition to our treasure. Cupboards were surveyed again. On the pickle rack, we could see Del Monte beetroot pickle bottle that was sent to us by Pushkin from UK through Monika some time back.

‘Wow, let us use this Del Monte beetroot to prepare a new recipe that we can send for the Indibloggers contest and that can be our brunch too!’  said Arvind excitedly.

‘Yes, that’s a good idea,’ I too had by then started raking my brain to prepare something  for brunch that is simple, and elegant and yet can be made with the limited stocks that I had. It was nearly midday.

‘Let us have pulao with boiled eggs on the top like some mountain climbers and accompanied with beetroot raita garnished with basil leaves’ I suggested.

‘Beetroot raita? Never heard of this before but would love to have it. I love raita!’ said Arvind.

So we had vegetable pulao topped up with boiled eggs, with the freshly prepared the beetroot raita garnished with basil for our brunch. Del Monte beetroot pickle had done wonders and the raita came out to be delicious and colourful.

Arvind loved it and named  ‘Pink Panther Raita’ it based on his one of the favourite movie series.

Pink Panther Raita

Pink Panther Raita

I share the recipe with you all:

Recipe for Del Monte Beetroot Raita

Curd 200gms
Sliced Del Monte Beetroot Pickle   4-6 slices
Salt, pepper, roasted cumin powder as per taste
Basil leaves to decorate

Put curd, Del Monte beetroot pickle slices in the blender and churn to a smooth consistency. Add salt, pepper and roasted cumin powder to taste. Decorate with basil leaves.

Can be served with pulao. Children who do not like plain curd or beetroot will like the colourful yogurt and flavour of beetroot.


This post is a part of ‘The Del Monte Blogger Recipe Carnival‘ on indiblogger.


Sangita Passey
22 September 2012


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  1. yum yum yummy…. 😛

  2. Mam youmadeit a great sunday………you dig out everything from nothing……….

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