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Down Under

January 6, 2013

No, I’ve never been to Sydney. However, my husband was there on a blogging assignment and it is his pictures and posts that I have fallen in love with. He recommended that I read this book ‘Down Under’ written by Bill Bryson… and every time I read the pages dedicated to Sydney and Katoomba, I go back to the posts and the photographs. Similarly, every time I see the pictures of the Opera House, my thoughts scurry back to the text by Bill.

It is the Opera House that gets all the attention, and you can understand why. It is so startlingly familiar, so hey-I’m-in-Sydney, that you can’t stop looking at it.

…and Bill goes on to tell us the history of this miracle construction:

That it exists at all is a miracle… the city’s capacity for mediocrity cannot be better illustrated than by the fact that where the Opera House now stands, on as fine a situation as water and land can afford, was then the site of a municipal tram garage.

I agree with Bill that the Opera House ‘is not about aesthetics. It’s about being an icon.

Opera House, Sydney... clciked on the way back from Taronga...

Opera House, Sydney… clicked on the way back from Taronga…


Opera House, Sydney... as seen from the Harbour Bridge

Opera House, Sydney… as seen from the Harbour Bridge

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Sangita Passey
06 January 2013


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