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Andaman: An adventure with key words

February 1, 2013

It was our long awaited visit to Andaman & Nicobar Islands and we were looking forward to our scuba diving adventure. We had planned the visit after a thorough research on the net surfing through the travel sites, travel blogs, travel books and travel articles. Our seven day trip included two days on Havelock Island sandwiched between the first two days of local sight-seeing, shopping, and tasting local cuisine at Port Blair and keeping the last two days open again for Port Blair and Baratang, if possible.

This travel plan began with a lot of hurdles.  While making hotel reservations online, I clicked on the wrong link and booked our room in Vietnam instead of Havelock! (May appear stupid, but it is true)  It happened because the Hotel chain we had decided had its presence in Vietnam too. By the time I realised the misadventure, the booking and transaction were completed. We lost a one night booking amount. Fresh reservations were made for Port Blair and Havelock.  Just about ten days before we were to leave, my mother was hospitalised and the plan was rescheduled again.

By then, we were quite unsure, if this plan would ever materialize. Fortunately, no more hiccups, no missed flight, no stolen luggage, and we were able to fly to Port Blair without any more misadventure. However, the final explosion happened in Port Blair. Our inquiries at the hotel travel desk revealed that the morning ferry to Havelock was completely booked on the desired day. The agent got us the afternoon ferry tickets. Once inside the ferry, we got to know that the tickets are for standing only and cost much less than the amount the guy had taken from us. It was indeed very annoying getting conned. For once, all the fun and excitement of travel in the sea seemed to have disappeared into mists of frustration.

The crew of the ferry offered us to come and sit on the top deck of the ferry and we travelled from Port Blair to Havelock on the open top deck enjoying the sea-breeze and loving my romance with the natural beauty around the islands. All our frustration transformed into a memorable journey to Havelock.

I wish to steal this deal

Sangita Passey
27 January 2013

This blog post was my entry to the Timesdeal contest too.

Got the runners up prize for this entry:

Times deal Runners up picture


Click here to go to the prize announcement on the Timesdeal page on Facebook.



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One Comment
  1. Hi Sangita,

    Curious about the diving in the Andamans. How was it? Any pictures uploaded?

    Thank you.

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