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Express Gratitude and Progress Together

February 27, 2013

Progress is one aspect everyone looks forward to in life. Each one of us must have experienced growth in some area or the other at some stage of our life – be it educational growth, wealth growth, career growth, spiritual growth, skill growth and the list goes on. Sometimes the results are direct, immediate and visible but sometimes these are indirect, invisible and delayed, and are experienced later. In most cases, the receiver does get aware and is thankful to the situations, persons, circumstances that helped him to progress and grow whether or not he gets a chance to express his gratitude.

In both scenarios, it is of utmost importance to recognise the support, guidance one has received in whatsoever form at whatever stage of growth, and acknowledge it.  In cases when the results are immediate, gains are direct and evident, and are acknowledged by the beneficiary, the pleasure it gives to the person is visibly perceived whose support or guidance is acknowledged. This helps in building a bond between the two parties and thus a team is formed to take steps forward to progress together.

Similarly, getting a note of thanks or an acknowledgment that comes unexpectedly which can be  usually in the cases when the gains are not so direct, advantages are less visual and delayed, gives an immense pleasure to the receiver. And the connection that was developed earlier gets strengthened and helps to progress together.

Each small gesture of thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation, and remembrance acts and works like common ratio in a geometric progression that enhances the chances of progressing together much faster than it otherwise would have been. Let us not be shy of showing our gratitude to those who helped us in achieving what we have achieved today. Let us thank them and progress together!

Axis bank has taken the initiative to help us reach out to those whom we want to thank and express our gratitude. Join their ProgressTogether campaign here to acknowledge the contribution of the people who helped you in your growth!


Axis Bank_ProgressTogether

Axis Bank_ProgressTogether


Sangita Passey
27 February 2013


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