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My College in the Cloud

April 22, 2013

I had been in-charge for the AICTE online approval process of my institution since it started three years back. Being the contact person for the institute, I received an email from AICTE about the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Initiative. It did mention about the availability of free Microsoft Office 365 for education which I could not understand and grasp completely. Maybe it was my lack of enthusiasm or inability to spend enough time to read and understand all about it on the internet.

I had been one of those early bird users of Sky Drive who had been given additional cloud space by Microsoft and was very happy with this new concept of saving all my desired and important documents on the cloud.

‘So, what more does Microsoft Office 365 have?’ I wondered when I read about AICTE’s plans.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

I was thrilled when I heard that the next IndiBlogger meet is on Microsoft Office 365 at Blue Frog and was keen to attend the meet.  ‘Maybe I’ll get a clearer picture,’ I thought, and decided to attend this meet. The Microsoft team at the meet made everything quite clear through their presentation that was followed by an energetic and quite literally unending question-answer session.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

We were informed that Microsoft Office 365 gives cloud storage of at least 20 GB depending on the plan/usage one opts for. Moreover, one can have it on five devices PCs, tablets, Macs etc. So I can store, share and access all my work without having to worry about the document formatting.

By using Sky Drive too I was able to store, share, access, and work on my official documents even at my home whenever required. I could share the documents with my colleagues too. But, of course, many times while collaborating, I had to face the loss of formatting because two machines may not be having the same software/version. And it takes a lot of time to bring back the desired document format.

With Microsoft Office 365 one gets the latest version of the software to work on without having to think about the up-gradation of the version.

With Microsoft Office 365 account I can use MS Office even on the machines that do not have MS Office (of course, with an internet connection) and without having to worry about the loss of format. This feature is really good for business people, people in sales, and all those who are perpetually on the move. Even in the education sector, students and teachers can share and access their notes, presentations without fearing the loss of formatting.  Now I can share my lecture notes, presentations, assignments with my students easily.

IndiBlogger Meet on Microsoft Office 365

IndiBlogger Meet on Microsoft Office 365

By using Microsoft Office 365 an organisation benefits by having a uniform communication platform. Besides giving an organisational email id to its employees, it can share templates, documents, calendar etc. It can save on buying and upgrading software as well as IT maintenance with cloud based IT services.  Video conferencing, messaging, video calling using Microsoft Office 365 can save a lot of time, money and energy for the organisation .

Cloud storage of Microsoft Office 365 saves one from all the hassles of keeping backups on the PC or servers and thereby saves a lot of precious time and locally available storage space.

AICTE’s pact with Microsoft to provide free Microsoft Office 365 access to all students and staff is definitely a boom for the student community who is not able to afford software and usually access PCs from internet cafes when not in college. Freeware too is an answer to their way of computing but then the uniformity which is required in an educational institute is generally lost. And if Microsoft Office 365 is free for students, it is better than a freeware any day.

With Microsoft Office 365, I can proudly tell my colleagues, “My College is in the Cloud”.

At IndiBlogger Meet on Microsoft Office 365

At IndiBlogger Meet on Microsoft Office 365

Note: This post won me 3rd prize in the Indiblogger Contest.

Indiblogger Winner List

Indiblogger Winner List

Microsoft Office 365 - IndiBlogger Runner up

Sangita Passey
22 April 2013

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