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Ah! The joys of carrying music everywhere

April 25, 2013

027_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

There was a time when I carried music in my head. Those were times when I wrote lyrics on sheets of paper… and wanted to carry those loose sheets everywhere I went. Let me tell you that I am a person who can get into the arteries and veins of a mathematical problem with the radio playing songs.

‘I can never study with the radio on,’ my husband is firm about the benefits of silence. I think he may be right in his own way because he does a lot of creative writing all the time. So I told him, ‘I can do my math problems even with Bhimsen Joshi with his aalaps and Shobha Gurtu singing her thumris. Or, if it pleases you, with Mozart and his soul bending notes in the air or some teeth-gnashing Mettalica number going on.’

Obviously, music does not disturb me.
Music, in fact, helps me focus better.

So I am really happy that I see times when music can be carried easily without creating a mess. When I said this, my husband said, ‘So, do you still need those scraps of sheets with all those lyrics on them?’

I said, ‘No.’

Then he said, ‘I think you must keep them. They will always remind you of how carrying music with you has changed. Now you can carry a cloud full of music with you.’

I sighed… a cloudfull of music. I know a ‘cloudfull’ may not exist in any dictionary but it is such a sweet word. Music in a cloud that follows me wherever I go. This is the guy from HP said during the Indiblogger-HP Connected Music Meet that I attended last week.

No, I don’t have a laptop but I do have a smartphone and an iPad and they help me store a lot of music. But the HP guys talked about ‘connected music’ and how I could easily browse and even store songs even keep them for offline hearing. Yes, I am impressed… and I’ll tell you why. I was visiting my architect son (Pushkin) in London and he introduced me to something that he called ‘Spotify’. Now this program had the facility to search any song or genre of music, put them all in neat folders, connect with other listeners and see their song-lists for guidance or help, and even store songs for offline listening. Yes, I did use Spotify a lot during my two months in London… but that was in 2010… and the wish to have something like that has remained a wistful dream so far.

True, we have websites where one can browse songs and listen to them… we can buy a few numbers and store them as MP3, or we can rip our CDs and hear the songs in that format. But they all have a limitation… the HP Connected Music concept seems to go beyond the boundaries and the limitations of all that I have mentioned. It has, in fact, all the advantages of Spotify that I had talked about earlier and also goes beyond them.

I love these modern tech-infused times. I love them because now I can not only stock my favourite songs that I can listen to anytime, but also browse and save files with lyrics… or scan CD covers and keep them in the same machine to make my experience complete. But wait, I think the HP connected music concept does have album covers too visible to an interested listener. The HP Connected Music Service is in partnership with Universal Music and Hungama. There is complete access to exclusive music content which means having over one million songs from more than 20,000 artists from different genres ready to entertain you!

Obviously, all this will be available to those who sign up and register… from machines that come with the latest Windows OS. The new laptops in the Envy series by HP come with this application pre-installed and with one year of free access to this wonderful world of music! I hope I get one of these machine for me…

This post is dedicated to the Indiblogger-HP Connected Music Meet at Hilton in Gurgaon…

028_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

Sangita Passey
25 April 2013

  1. Music and Maths! I can share your love for music 🙂 good to know that you liked spotify.

  2. Thanks Monika! 🙂

  3. I loved this post. Neat, Simple and still well said.

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