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Teamwork at IndiBlogger Meet

June 22, 2013

One of the best features I like about attending IndiBlogger meets is that besides getting to meet known bloggers, new bloggers, old bloggers, young bloggers one definitely gets to learn something new.

Therefore, I try not to miss any chance to attend these meets.  This time too, the moment Indiblogger announced the meet on HP Ink Advantage meet at Fortune Global, Gurgaon, I registered for it.

‘This meet is definitely going to be different’, I said to Arvind, ‘it is a meet where families of bloggers are also officially invited.’

‘It will be a good exposure to the younger ones to blogging.’

‘Team Indiblogger must be having great plan this time’, I thought.

Wondering what would be new this time at the meet, we reached the venue.  Some bloggers were already arrived with their spouses or children or both. Some were known some were new. We shared our table with blogger Sakshi Nanda, her husband Aseem Nanda, and their  son Nishad who perhaps was the youngest of the lot around. Meet helped us make newfriendships.

After the exciting start and give- away sponsored from HP came the moments of 30 seconds of fame. I love this technique of IndiBlogger team.  Bloggers were randomly chosen and their photos were displayed on the big screen and they are asked to tell something about themselves. This is one interesting way and of course encouraging one for all bloggers to know about each other, their work, and their interests. I learnt and adopted this method for introduction my students and found it to a very effective way to know about my students better and beyond their educational skills.

‘All bloggers to get divided in group of fifteens’, was the announcement made by one of the team members ofIndiBlogger. ‘We are going to have contest’. People seemed puzzled. ‘What is contest…which partners to choose… what skill set will be required by the team… who would  be the suitable member…’ I am sure that somewhat similar thoughts must be the goings through everyone’s mind.  Prize announced was no less than the HP Ink advantage printer. No one wanted to miss that. Karuna and her team had already explained the features of this new series of HP printers.

Once the teams were formed and the project leader was decided for each team, the contest was explained. All teams were given a theme and the theme related material to arrange and lay the table for birthday party and weave a story around it. The theme for our team was the ‘The Littleman’. Some of other themes ‘The Pitares’, and ‘The Mermaid’.  Teams had just 15 minutes to conceptualise the theme, divide work among themselves, coordinate, print and prepare the decorative material having just one pair of scissors, paste pictures, decorate the plates and glasses, and lay the table. Each member of the team was working towards the single goal – our team should win…our team should be the best! Even though some of the members in the teams had met for the first time during this meet, all were having the same mission ‘Team should win’. Team was the foremost thought for everyone. And each one was contributing their best including our youngest member Nishad! He was excited and cooperative being as our mascot of our theme ‘TheLittleman’. With those paper moustaches, he was looking so cute!

‘Time is up! ’ Teams were ready with their tables and the theme stories for Karuna and her HP team to judge. All tables were laid very well! All teams did wonderfully well.  Prize was announced ‘The Mermaid’ team had won!

While having delicious and yummy snacks served by the team Fortune Global I was just wondering how good Indiblogger team is at its work!

So can everyone…all teams had proved that!

Was this the hidden message for us all?


This post is written for the #HPInkAdvantage meet held in Gurgaon


Sangita Passey
21 June2013


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