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I Saw, I Learnt

July 23, 2013

We all agree that learning is a continuous process and that it is not confined to any time-frame, or age, good or bad things. Most of the time we do not even realise and are unable recall form where we had learnt these habits, characteristics and mannerisms. These behaviours or qualities just become a part of our persona and we feel that we were always like that.

One mostly sees and admires a specific quality of a person known to him and tries to inculcate them in oneself. This is what one usually does as a small child and perhaps that is the reason we are unable to recall our role models for that quality.

But the qualities that we appreciate and like when we are slightly older can have a long lasting impression and better ability to be retained by the memory. These could be of our parents, teachers or friends.

I had just joined my new school when I was in the fifth grade.  We used to have our daily prayer assembly of the whole school consisting of some eight hundred plus students. Not an insignificant number though it may appear too small in the present scenario.  All teachers and the principal of our school used to be there every day. During my initial days at the school assemblies I noticed that our Principal knew not only the name of each and every student but was completely aware about the field of excellence (sports, drama, singing etc.) of each student. She could speak out the name of any child if she wanted to appreciate in front of the whole school during the assembly or if she found any one to be disturbing the assembly. Students loved her and feared her too. She was aware of the best and weak subjects of each and every student in the school.

No one can perhaps imagine how important it can be for a student to realise that the principal of the school knows and recognise him or her by name and not just as one of the students in the school.

When I started my career as a Lecturer, even I made every effort to remember the names of all students of my class without even realising how and when I developed that habit.

Now, while writing this post, I realised that I was so impressed and had all admiration for this quality of my principal that I too learnt and adopted it in my work life or professional life.


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Sangita Passey
23 July 2013


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  1. How wonderful. Lucky are the students who have been taught by you. for they were not just roll numbers, but persons. It reminds me of my LSR days, where students and professors “met” on the same plane – we called them by their initials, say SC for Shehnaz Cama (no ma’ams) and they in turn knew everything about us from our home towns to our culinary weaknesses. Now who would imagine a DU college prof getting a chocolate brownie for you from home especially because they remembered your love for them when they baked some? Nice post, Sangeeta ma’am. My mother is a teacher since 20 years and I am forwarding this post to her. She has the ability that you saw in your principle, and that you follow too. And as far as I can see, such teachers are never short of student-fans. 🙂 I’m sure you have a fan club named after you too. 🙂

    • Thanks Sakshi for appreciative words! You are right in observing that the connect between students and teachers is diminishing now…and it is sad.

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