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A Mall in my Kitchen

September 14, 2013

Shopping – the word brings to our mind a picture of people in a big, air-conditioned mall the loaded with big stylish carry bags, having the name of the store or brand printed on them, and containing clothes, shoes, and other fancy items the shops in these malls are selling. Concept of shopping has been transformed over the years. From small neighbourhood shops to shops in the main bazaar, from main bazaar to malls, and now the internet shopping websites have brought these malls to our homes and offices and also to our mobiles. In the last couple of years there has been a revolutionary changes in the way shopping can be done.

I am loving the way these changes are taking place. I do not hesitate to admit that I love browsing through the shopping websites and placing orders of the items that we require. The item is delivered at home in just a few days’ time depending on the item ordered. The competitiveness of these sites has been a catalyst in reducing the delivery time.

A mall in my kitchen_01

A mall in my kitchen_01

What I am looking forward to is the solution to the needs due to unforeseen arrival of guests and your vegetable tray in the fridge is not having enough onions or tomatoes to make a decent dish or the milk supply is inadequate to make a nice cup of coffee for a childhood friend who happens to give you a surprize visit. An unplanned holiday by the vegetable vendor or the milkman just ruins your thrill of receiving a guest or friend or even a leave. All the planning abilities and capabilities of the house-maker or a working professional become doubtful without having another chance in near future to prove her proficiency and competence to run the home.

I am sure our scientists and engineers will be able to find a solution to all such woes of all of us. If only they work on the idea that I have in mind.

We all know that all matter is made up of elements and so all available things are made up of different combinations of elements. So, each house should be connected to a source for the supply of the elements through a pipe that is connected to the product printer at home (almost the like we have for piped gas supply connected to our gas stove). Now this product printer will be having all the formulas or combinations of all the products that companies are producing. It will be made mandatory for them to store the formula at the central server of the country where they are marketing their product. So if I have to get the ‘Amul’ or ‘Mother Dairy’ curd, I just have to press the relevant button or give the exact recipe through input devices to give the command to the product printer and the connected central server will understand the combination of the elements and will supply the elements in that proportion. The special 2030 product printer will have intuitive abilities to actually print real curd that flows… in a real container. All this is obviously created from a supply of raw elements that are being supplied through the elements pipe in the kitchen.

The picture that I made my husband draw on his iPad is enough to tell you what is there in my mind. Let me give you a flow of the idea that is there in my mind…

A mall in my kitchen_02

A mall in my kitchen_02

Elements are supplied through a pipe into every house.

The product printer chooses elements and converts them into real products.

The printer also creates the right container.

This container is biodegradable.

There is a recycle bin in the kitchen itself.

The containers, after use, can be thrown in these recycle bins.

The bins are complex element transformers and convert a tangible product into its elements.

The elements are routed back into the supply hose.

The hose is obviously connected to an element meter that charges you for every produce being created.

These products are fresh and organic and without any adulteration. 

My idea certainly has no place for any sort of environmental hazard and is giving me a fast and steady supply of every sort of product in a rather sane way. It will have the ability to produce objects upto a certain dimension and most household products will fall in its range. There will obviously be a product nanny fed into the program which will alert the police in case a housewife plans to create a pistol to shoot her husband… no firearms or explosives can be produced without a licence for them.

I know such an innovative gadget isn’t all a figment of my imagination… there must be scientists already working on them… I hope they get it ready by 2030.



Sangita Passey
14 September 2013


Written for ‘The Future of Shopping’ contest on IndiBlogger sponsored by eBay


Both illustrations drawn by Arvind Passey


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  1. Loved the idea… and that is the reason I agreed to do the two illustrations. All the best!

    Arvind Passey

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