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‘You have an Island Pineapple smile,’ he said

November 29, 2013

‘What would you like to have Ma’am?’ the waiter asked as we reached our hotel restaurant after a long beach walk while at Havelock island during our holiday.

‘What are the choices?’ I asked and added, ‘No beer or mocktail please!’

‘You try Bacardi Breezer. We have a good range of flavours too’ and he rattled out more options than I could have expected.

‘Bacardi Breezer sounds interesting. Get me the Island Pineapple flavour, please!’ I decided and ordered.

‘Why and how did you decide on Island Pineapple?’ Arvind asked, ‘Have you tried it earlier?’

‘No! Just had a thought that while on an Island, let me connect my Breezer too with the word Island in it,’ I said with a smile.

I was looking forward to taste this new flavour ‘Island Pineapple’ with a smile and just then I started connecting different smiles with my ‘Bacardi Island Pineapple Breezer’ that I had just ordered. I called this my ‘looking forward’ smile. The smile had a little sparkle in it and a wait for the loved one.

And very soon our orders were served.

As the waiter opened the bottle, Arvind and I looked at each other and a different kind of smile came to our lips… a hopeful smile. We both were unaware of the taste of this Island Pineapple Bacardi flavour and were expecting it to be good and so were having a hopeful smile. And its pineapple flavour was excellent and blended with Bacardi Rum with perfection as was explained in the label on the bottle.

Away from work and right next to a peaceful environment near the sea and in a relaxed mood, we chatted for quite a while as we sipped our breezers before my thoughts went back to my smile analysis. I realised I was having a relaxed masti smile on my face while enjoying my drink. No tensions, no worries, no irritating work situations… it was obvious that the taste and blend of Bacardi Island Pineapple was just as perfect as was claimed on the bottle label, and it could really bring on a relaxed smile when needed most!

Once the thought process started, another kind of smile overtook… a thoughtful smile with the questions in the mind… ‘Why is this flavour called Island Pineapple? Why not only Pineapple? I know what a pineapple is, but I was foxed by the addition of ‘island’ to it.

Even Arvind was not aware of the connect between island and pineapple.

‘Let’s search for it on the net’, Arvind said and brought his laptop where we were sitting. Both of us were having smiles on our faces. A smile that can surely be called: aiming high smile.

Together we tried to Google and despite the weak and intermittent internet connection, we stumbled upon the Wikipedia page that told us an intriguingly interesting story connected to ‘island pineapple’.

Wikipedia happily informed us that Lānaʻi, being ‘the sixth-largest of the Hawaiian Islands and the smallest publicly accessible inhabited island in the chain… is also known as Pineapple Island because of its past as an island-wide pineapple plantation.

Reading on Arvind was happy to find that the island had just one school, the Lanai High and Elementary School, for the entire island from kindergarten through 12th grade. He then said, ‘Just think about it, the island has no traffic lights either!’

‘No wonder the island features as a name for a breezer!’ I said, and added, ‘No jams, just breezers for commuters!’

‘Commuters? Forget about comparing its commuting population with that of Delhi? The facts say the population of the Island has gone down from 3,193 in 2000 to 3,102 as of 2010’, Arvind remarked after reading the information about the inhabitants.

‘So everyone must be having a big plot of land for pineapple plantation!’ I said with a friendly smile.

‘Does not look like so’, Arvind said.

Arvind read out further and informed that tourism on the island is now prominent as the pineapple and sugarcane industries were phased out in the island.

I also glanced into the laptop screen and exclaimed, ‘As of 2012, the island is 98% owned by Larry Ellison (CEO of Oracle), with the remaining 2% owned by the State of Hawaii!’

‘And Bill Gates was married on the 12th hole tee-box at The Challenge at Manele’, Arvind added.

By now, we had already finished our breezers and the waiter came asking politely for another round of drinks.

Reading all about Island Pineapple Arvind was curious and decided ask me to order another round of Island Pineapple Breezer and when I did that for us smilingly, he said, ‘You have an Island Pineapple smile!’

Island Pineapple smiles

Island Pineapple smiles


This post is a part of ‘Catch the flavour’ contest on indiblogger. Sponsored by Bacardi.


Sangita Passey
29 November 2013


From → Taste Point

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  1. Dropping in for the first time. Thinking why I missed earlier .

    Smiling , after reading this !! Wow !!

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