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And they flew in their eighties

March 16, 2014

The old couple Mr & Mrs K are our next door neighbours. When I say old, I mean they are really old. Mr K is in his mid-eighties and his wife Mrs K is in her early eighties. Both are living happily with their sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren. The two are quite active, regular for their morning walks, follow a disciplined life that includes their morning prayers, limited healthy nutritious meals and of course their regular doses of medicines.

Their children and grandchildren all love them. It is quite usual to see them watching and enjoying the same TV serial together. Mr K is very fond of his wife and would even switch the sports channel whenever Mrs K’s favourite TV serial is about to start. Mrs K is not far behind. She has developed an interest in cricket (the sport Mr K loves to follow) and accompanies Mr K for watching all cricket matches be it the IPL, the Asian Cup or the World Cup. They can be seen rightly discussing and analysing the performance of the cricketers too. Since not all their children but even grandchildren are almost settled, life is once again kind of tension-free and never lonesome with the family around.

Both of them are always thankful to their God for the contented life they have been leading.

‘Times have a changed a lot’, said Mrs K once while talking to me when we were preparing to go for a holiday.

‘For me visiting my parents during kids’ summer vacation used to be the only holiday’, she added.

‘So you two have never been on a holiday on your own away from family?’ I asked.

‘No, though we would have loved to, but in our times that was rarely done by the couples. Your uncle always wanted to fly too. We have never experienced a flight. But I like it when my sons go for their holiday with their wives’, she replied with a twinkle and a shine in her eyes.

I know that she loves and is close to her family and is happy in their happiness. And that day I could sense in her an underlying wish for a holiday together with Mr K.

‘Why don’t you book a holiday for your marriage anniversary?’ I suggested. ‘It will be a surprise for uncle too. You can fly to the destination.’

‘No, no… at this age it will not be all that easy…’ she was apprehensive and hesitant.

The initial apprehension was gone once it was explained to her that it will not all that difficult and that they must experience this joy.

‘He will be so happy to have a holiday after all these years!’ she exclaimed with happiness.

I could see how far one can go to get closer to the loved ones.

So all in the family were taken into confidence the holiday was booked…every minute details were taken care of…flight, hotel bookings, airport transfers, sight-seeing. Mrs K was brimming with enthusiasm and the family was excited and so were we!

We were all looking forward to the anniversary day when Mrs K was to reveal the gift of the holiday booking to Mr K.

‘Happy anniversary’! Mrs K said to him and gifted him the flight tickets and holiday booking vouchers in a beautifully hand crafted envelope.

‘Thanks and same to you’, he said smilingly and opened the envelope. And each one of us could see a drop of tear of happiness in the core of his eyes.

Emotions were overwhelming not allowing him to say anything but to just give a big hug to his family and Mrs K.

That moment had brought the close couple to even closer and the holiday was a super hit and it is now the passionately talked about topic among them bringing them closer to each other. Mrs K had gone way beyond her past experiences and all that life had shown her… to initiate an action that would bring her yet closer to Mr K.

This post is a part of the ‘Go further to get closer’ contest on indiblogger

Sangita Passey
16 March 2013


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  1. All the best for ur lovely post 🙂

  2. Wow.. I am sure it would have been a perfect gift for the elderly couple…

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