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What no one likes about size zero

May 8, 2014

It was a matter of double joy when I attended the wedding reception of the son of my school time friend. One – because it was going to be an opportunity to observe the wedding details and arrangements minutely and gain some knowledge. It was important for us before we could plan one for our son that was about to take place the next month. Second – it was a time of nostalgic reunion of the group of school friends meeting after a gap of almost twenty to thirty years.

While chatting over snacks and drinks and recollecting school time memories, the conversation pleasantly turned to the sizes all of us had gained over the years.

‘You have almost become a Patiala Peg, Rajji!’ Harry said laughingly to Rajinder coming back to the form of address of school days of calling him Rajji.

Everyone laughed including Rajji. What an interesting and innovative comparison! Patiala Peg!

At this point in time the conversation steered towards the discussion of whiskies among the whisky lovers. And those of us who had little knowledge about whiskies were just listening to the conversation of the ‘connoisseurs’ trying to understand the jargon related to this world.

‘Drink, Sir?’ a waiter came and offered to those who loved drinks.

‘He knows whom to ask!’ I thought.

‘No, thanks!’ one of the friends replied and continued, ‘I have had my quota. I cannot handle more than one peg!’ the latter part of the sentence was directed towards the group.

‘Yes, please get me one small scotch,’ said another friend from the group.

‘One double Black Dog TGR for me, please,’ ordered yet another one specifying the name which generated curiosity among the others in the group.

‘We know Black Dog brands. What is this TGR?’ was the question that instantly came to the mind of the remaining and they could not help asking.

‘TGR – Triple Gold Reserve is the newest blend launched by Black Dog’, said the friend who had ordered one. Seemingly he was quite happy and proud about his knowledge of the latest in the market.

‘Triple Matured. Truly refined! Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is the only blended Scotch that is produced involving a triple maturation process. The blend has a delicate finish and is accepted at parallel with any 12 Y.O blend’, he explained.
I was listening to their conversation intently and trying to understand the terms small, double, TGR, Triple maturation process etc.

Clearly, at least my knowledge of whiskies was nowhere near theirs; in fact it was zero to be truthful.

‘I will have to read a lot about whiskies now. So what if I don’t drink…I should know about this too’, I resolved in my mind.

‘And the best part is it available in all pack sizes – 1 ltr, 750ml, 375ml, 180ml and 60ml’, he rattled out.

‘You may want your wives to be of size zero but certainly not your Black Dog TGR!’ quipped one of the female friends and the group burst into laughter.


Sangita Passey

08 May 2014



Black Dog Easy Evenings | Black Dog Scotch | Ginger Claps

Disclaimer: The content of this post is meant only for people above the age of 25


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