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Whisky or whiskey

May 10, 2014

Often I find people writing my name as Sangeeta or Sangeetha rather than Sangita, the way I prefer to spell it or for Passey as Passi or Pasi or Passy.

No, there are no numerological reasons for me to have my name being spelt as Sangita. I have been using these spellings since I was first enrolled in a school and it became my officially recorded name too. I have grown up with my name spelt like this and I love it.

Though I do not like it to be mis-spelt and make every effort to correct the other person politely if I am present, it is not always possible. Letters from banks and other organisations or official circulars still keep coming with my name being wrongly spelt.
The reasons can vary from the indifferent attitude of the clerk writing the addresses or of the data entry operator who did not bother to punch it correctly.

Mostly people in our country have a casual approach towards spelling of names of individuals and they are not even bothered if their name too is not spelt correctly.

So when I was searching for information on whisky, I found two variants of spellings — whiskey and whisky. Knowing nothing about the beverage, I was a little confused. Are these two different beverages? Which spellings are correct? Microsoft Word is not showing any red zig-zag underline beneath to warn the incorrect spellings for any of these, so both are acceptable to the MS Word dictionary.

Still I Googled to find the reason for usage of different spellings. It was interesting for a novice like me to find out that whisky is used for the liquor that is distilled in Scotland and whiskey is used for Irish & American liquors. So a Scotch can’t be whiskey. Scotch is whisky! And it is said that using whiskey for Scotch whisky in Scotland can land you in trouble.

Readers can now easily identify the origin of the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Blended Whisky!



Sangita Passey
10 May 2014



Black Dog Easy Evenings | Black Dog Scotch | Ginger Claps

Disclaimer: The content of this post is meant only for people above the age of 25


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  1. It is frustrating to see people, especially those in sales/customer service, have such a causal approach to spellings of names.

    I have come across a few people who spell their own names differently at different times. You may be interested in reading this true story:

  2. Read the story..I can very well imagine the harrowing experience Lakshmi might have been through.

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