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No more duty-free

May 12, 2014

‘Can you please request your cousin to get me a Scotch whisky from the duty free’, Harbhajan used to call up and say whenever my cousin was to visit UK for his business work.

My cousin had to visit UK on his business trips at least once in two months and did not require his allowance for duty free liquor for he was a teetotaller. So his allowance of liquor from duty free was usually used by friends and family.

Last time when I called up Harbhajan to ask him if he needed any Scotch as my cousin was again going to UK on a short trip.

‘No’, he answered.

I was surprised.

‘No?’ I repeated. My voice obviously revealed my disbelief.

‘Are you annoyed with us or have you stopped drinking?’ I asked, puzzled.

‘No, nothing of the sort, though I leave it to you to guess why’, he replied and laughed. He was definitely enjoying my confused and puzzled state of mind.

‘Then Manika must have given you an ultimatum’, I teased.

‘No, she loves me as I am and she knows I never cross the unsaid limits’, he replied and disclosed, ’Black Dog Scotch Whisky is now available in India too. So, there is no need to get it from duty free.’

‘Their perfect blends and my old time favourites Black Dog 18 Year Old, Black Dog 12 Year Old and Black Dog Quintessence 21 Years old Scotch Whisky have been already available in India now for quite some time and that too at a reasonable and affordable price’ he informed me.

‘Hmm, I understand’, I could not say more than that.

‘Yes, that is the reason I have not placed any request for duty free for a long time now’, he said and paused a moment.

Before I could respond he continued again, ‘Even their latest launch Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve which is triple matured and a perfect blend created by their master blender Mr Richard Paterson is also available in India. The blend has a delicate finish and is accepted at parallel with any 12 Y.O blend.’

‘No more duty free!’ he seemed quite happy and excited about his favourite brand being accessible in India.


2014_BD_12_No more duty-free



Sangita Passey
12 May 2014



Black Dog Easy Evenings | Black Dog Scotch | Ginger Claps

Disclaimer: The content of this post is meant only for people above the age of 25



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