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Take a break

May 21, 2014

‘LAUGHTER AND MUSIC IS AN INSTANT VACATION’ is the idea behind the Black Dog Easy Evenings. ‘An idea that tries to provide everyone who needs a break from the stress and hassle of everyday work, Now a click away, So savour Black Dog Easy Evenings and LET THE WORLD WAIT!’, is what the Facebook page Black Dog Easy Evenings of the brand says.

Black Dog Easy Evenings are aimed to provide moments of leisure, relaxation and enjoyment with friends so as to rejuvenate your spirits and recharge your senses. A perfect place where one can unwind and relax after a life full of challenges and excitement.

The brand is of the view that ‘Every journey to success is dotted not just with milestones of achievements, but with well-deserved breaks, which make the going worthwhile. When the pressures of the day gently ease and you make time to explore finer pleasures and enjoy the warmth of friends. A time so vital to refresh, rejuvenate and recharge your spirit.’

Black Dog Easy Evenings set the platform for enriching experiences in comedy, music, to help you pause, step back and relax. One can easily unwind and relax on such an easy evening with Black Dog TGR and friends. One of such Black Dog Easy Evenings was with John McLaughlin & the 4th Dimension was organised in Mumbai in April. John McLaughlin founded the 4th Dimension in 2004, and they have been touring together since 2006.

John McLaughlin

Watch out for information about Black Dog Easy Evenings in your city on their Facebook page.

There are tips, ideas and advices that help us know how to unwind and relax during or after the work. You too can post your pics and submit your ideas of your way to unwind and relax.

A few of these ways that have been suggested on their page and can be easily followed to have a short break to relax and unwind the mind and body are as under:

Just staring outside your window sometimes, can help gather your thoughts and aid you to work more efficiently.

Sharing a joke with your friends, family or colleagues releases the stress and unwinds the mind.

Let the world wait, take a pause, a moment to unwind… to redeem your thoughts, your life.

Music is food for the soul. Take a pause from your everyday routine to share your favourite tracks with a friend.

While you keep busy surging ahead on the work front, pause and relax with a short walk in your office surroundings for a quick unwind.

It’s not every day one revisits their past. Flipping through the old photos and albums brings back memories and can be unwinding.

There’s a lot happening in the world while you work, so take a quick break to catch up with sports, news, or whatever interests you most!

Take a break, call up and chat with your friend whom you otherwise unable to meet.

There is nothing like a short break to unwind your mind and rejuvenate you to accomplish your objectives and goals.

Sangita Passey
21 May 2014



Black Dog Easy Evenings | Black Dog Scotch | Ginger Claps

Disclaimer: The content of this post is meant only for people above the age of 25

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