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Customise your whisky

May 25, 2014

While trying to enhance my knowledge about whisky, I was surprised to find a lot of information on how to drink whisky. I was simply awed. I had never imagined that there are techniques to taste and drink whisky. So far, for me it was just a drink that people have to enjoy in parties. I was simply fascinated to read and learn more about whisky drinking. From what read, and watch on you tube videos, I learnt that to taste a whisky and to customise it according to your taste is a skill.

It was gathered that every person may have his own choice and liking for a different whisky and how to drink it. Drinking it neat does not make you a super hero or having a cocktail does not lower your stature. It is just a matter of personal liking and choice whether you mix water, soda, coke, or any other beverage. Important thing is the tasting notes of whisky. And obviously, taste and liking is developed after one tastes different types of whisky. In western countries there are whisky tasting sessions are held by the distilleries where you can taste, differentiate, and choose the whisky you like before buying it.

To have a real good experience of whisky drinking, the whisky should be a reasonably good quality whisky from a good distillery. Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve from United Spirits Ltd or other variants of Black Dog can be tried. It is a good quality whisky from an established brewery and is the only blend that is produced involving a triple maturation process.

Poster-2 Triple Mature Process

First timers should try lighter and fresh whisky with water added to it. It is also said that even water needs to be added drop by drop and whisky be tasted as with each drop of water the aroma of the whisky changes. Taste changes. Whisky opens up when water is added to it. It releases its tastes and aromas. And stop adding water when the taste is as per your liking! Similarly, you may like it chilled, or at the room temperature. Having it on the rocks means one likes it chilled and as the ice cubes melt water is being added to it. So it has to be according to personal choice. Similarly one can try cocktails made with different beverages and decide on what he likes.

So, you decide what you like and customise your own glass of whisky!



Sangita Passey
25 May 2014



Black Dog Easy Evenings | Black Dog Scotch | Ginger Claps

Disclaimer: The content of this post is meant only for people above the age of 25

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