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Scotch whisky & Scotch eggs

May 28, 2014

It had been one of those hectic weeks in December. The academic semester was coming to a close. Sorting out all matters pertaining to students ranging from their queries and problem solving to calculating their attendance records to submission of internal marks had exhausted me completely by the week end.

So when one of my friends Sudha called me and informed that she is organising a picnic on Saturday and that everything will be arranged by her and her husband Saurav, I was thrilled. For this once I did not have to rake my brains and think what to carry in the picnic basket! I really needed a no-work break and the thought of relaxing in the winter sunshine took away at least some of my fatigue of the whole week.

The plan was to go to a river-side for angling and then to spend the day there doing nothing. Since we were all novices at fishing, Sudha and Saurav had also engaged an expert angler from the nearby village to teach and help us with the techniques of catching fish. It was fun to learn angling. It was not as easy as it appears though but the experience was good. One has to wait patiently for the catch. Some of us were lucky to get the catch in no time whereas others had to wait for quite some time. The fun was multiplied manifold with the company of friends on a bright sunny winter day.

Towards the evening when everyone was tired and was thinking of winding up, Sudha and Saurav popped a pleasant surprise! They took out a bottle of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. It is the only blend that involves tripe maturation process and had already become a favourite among all the friends! But there was more to come. Sudha took out Scotch eggs to pair with the Black Dog TGR. What a wonderful combination – Black Dog Scotch whisky with Scotch eggs! Everyone relaxed and chatted over the drinks. No need to say that we all were pleased to the core.

Scotch whisky & Scotch eggs

It was indeed a wonderful day angling at the river during the day and an easy evening with Black Dog TGR and our friends. It was a memorable experience with favourite drink, food and friends.



Sangita Passey
28 May 2014



Black Dog Easy Evenings | Black Dog Scotch | Ginger Claps

Disclaimer: The content of this post is meant only for people above the age of 25


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