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Mathematics of intoxication

May 30, 2014
Mathematics of intoxication

It is a well-known fact that beer has less alcohol content than wine; and wine has less alcohol content as compared to whisky. In alcoholic terminology the ABV of beer is less than the ABV of wine; and the ABV of wine is less than the ABV of whisky. The ABV of beer is generally in the range of 4-6%, for wine its ABV content is around 8-16%, and whisky usually has an ABV 40-45%.

Writing it mathematically:

ABV of beer < ABV of wine < ABV of whisky

It is believed that beer is not harmful as its alcohol content is minimal. Similar perception is held for wines too. When it comes to talk about whisky, the perception suddenly changes. Whisky is considered to be harmful because of its high content of alcohol and is a simple ‘no-no’ (at least in most of the Indian families).

But if we go by mathematical calculations, the truth that emerges is that beer and wine can affect your health more than whisky. Whisky, if taken sensibly and responsibly will have fewer units of alcohol than in beer and wine if taken their usual way.

Whisky is a drink that is never gulped. The right way to drink whisky is to consume it slowly, sip by sip holding it long enough in the mouth and swirling it above and below the tongue to allow it to release its flavours, aromas and tastes.

Assuming that a person can have either two pints of beer or two unit of whisky in one hour, a simple mathematical calculation will show that the person is consuming almost double the alcohol through beer.

Let us compare and see how it all happens.

Beer has the minimum ABV 4%.
2 Pints of beer = 1000ml (approx.)
Total alcohol consumed = 4% of 1000ml = 40 ml = 4 units

Whisky has a minimum ABV 40%
2 measures (25ml) of whisky = 50ml
Total alcohol consumed = 40% of 50ml = 20 ml = 2 units

Considering that the maximum advisable alcohol consumption for a male is 4 units for a day, one is bound to consume more units from 2 pints of beer as compared to whisky.

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Mathematics of intoxication

Mathematics of intoxication


Sangita Passey
30 May 2014



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Disclaimer: The content of this post is meant only for people above the age of 25

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