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Beauty & the Beast

August 31, 2014

The title certainly takes us back to the fairy tale most of us must have heard with interest and must have been relieved to see it end on a happy note that the beast was none other than the price charming in the tale.

That the princess was very beautiful is also what we’ve all had heard. But even as a child we were impressed by the patience, kindness, friendliness, loving and caring aspects of her persona that the princess had shown towards the beast. But most of all, my young mind as a child was impressed by her resolve to keep her words and promise to return to the castle to live with the beast. Her deepest and heartfelt sorrow and grief that led to shed tears could help the beast beat the curse and return to his original form as a handsome prince.

Thus, I learnt that real beauty is within us and that it can help us relieve sorrows in others and bring joy and happiness in their lives. This is the liberating form of beauty.

Health and wellness are important for us to have a beautiful body and mind both.

The site gives interesting insights to the solutions to various simple beauty problems that troubles us and practical tips for our wellness and to keep our body healthy. For it knows that not only a healthy person can have beautiful looks but that a beautiful soul can be there only in a healthy body and mind!



Sangita Passey
31 August 2014


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