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Diwali Aayee Tricycle Laayee

October 21, 2014

Diwali is fun for children, a festival that brings excitement and happiness all around. Besides looking forward to those home-made laddos, besan matthis, and other sweets, the edible toys called ‘khilone’ made of powdered sugar as the major ingredient  that are available only during Diwali festival. These toys or ‘khilone’ come in different shapes and sizes and children are excited to choose the shape of their choice and these taste delicious whether eaten alone or with the ‘kheelein’ — the roasted and puffed rice. More so when all other Diwali sweets are finished! And on top of that fire crackers or ‘patakhe’ add to the pleasure and delight.

Shopping for Diwali adds to the enjoyment. I still remember how my brother and I used to enjoy going for Diwali shopping and choosing patakhe and sweets of our own choices.

One of such Diwali is just unforgettable. We had gone for Diwali shopping. Like on every Diwali, most of the shops appeared huge to us then with their temporary extensions under the bright coloured erected tents. The excitement and joy of seeing these shops decorated was no less than that of the excitement of buying patakhas, diyas, candles, kheelein, akhrots, sweets, and dry fruits and other things required for pooja.

We had bought all that was required for the Diwali Pooja. Excitement was doubled as we had also bought our new alarm clock with radium on its numbers and hands which would make it easier to see the time in the dark also. On our way back home, my younger brother, who had been asking my parents to buy a tricycle for him, just started insisting to buy it the same day.

In order to pacify him, my father took him to one of the cycle shops thinking that they can see and choose and probably he will be able to sell him the idea that it can be bought later. Meanwhile, I with my mother came home.

In about an hour, the doorbell rang. My father was standing alone at the door, smiling. My mother was surprised to see him alone and enquired where my brother was.

‘I have come just to tell you that we are going to get the tricycle’, my father said to my mother, ‘I tried to convince him that it can be bought later…had even told him that I do not have enough money right now…we would go home and would get money to buy the tricycle.’

My brother was even smarter for his age. He told my father, ‘I am sitting here at the cycle store. You go and get the money.’

My father did not have any other option but to come home and go back again and let him buy his tricycle. I still can’t forget that satisfying winning smile that my brother had on his face when he came back with his tricycle during that Diwali. I also vividly remember that giggle of my father while narrating the incident when he had come home to take the money, so to say.

So on that Diwali two major items were purchased – an alarm clock and a tricycle for just one hundred rupees!



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Sangita Passey
21 October 2014


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