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Herbs for health

October 29, 2014

The truth is that jingles are probably nearer health than healthy herbs are… at least this is what I recall from my childhood. All I remember are cosmetics with catchy jingles and not a single health product comes to my mind. So I remember: ‘Tandrusti ki raksha karta hai Lifebuoy; Lifebuoy hai jahan tandrusti hai vahan’ as one of the most common ad-jingle that was on air on Aakashwani’s newly launched Vividh Bharti. Those were perhaps the days when these products were not so common in Indian households and the companies were trying to bring a phase of transition by making people believe that their products are better than the age-old and time-tested methods. Novelty attracts everyone and so does the ease of usage.

Health through herbs was an accepted norm in our house so we didn’t really need jingles then. But then pharma companies did need to sell much more than what they were selling. The fact that stuck to herbal treatment even then was that they are not as speedy as the conventional allopathic drugs. No doubt that some herbal treatments are slow initially, and the processes of preparation of herbal medicines can be laborious and may need more involvement and hard work as compared to these ready made easy to buy medicines. However, even though these companies were selling hard, I am thankful to my grandparents and parents who continued to treat common ailments through home remedies or herbal medicines and indirectly passing this legacy on to us.

With a working mother who had to look after two of us as growing children and do other household work when kitchens were usually not equipped with so many modern gadgets,  it used to become all the more difficult when any one of us fell sick or felt unwell. This is what used to happen at the onset of winters every year. My younger brother would invariably catch cold, and would either have a runny nose or blocked nostrils. In both cases, he would be feeling low, irritated and not able to concentrate on any activity. Unwillingness to go to school or to play, low appetite, irritated at every little thing one could have easily understood what he was going through. This is one condition when you are not feeling well but you are not ill either!

It affected me too. Whom should I play with if he was not well? Enjoyment of sharing school stories, playing together, doing home work together was robbed by that cold. Going to fetch milk waiting alone there for buffaloes to be milked used to become a boring and mundane task when he was unwell. Parents were worried if there is anything serious. Discussions and talks would revolve around his health only. All sorts of precautions were taken for food at home and so even those, who did not have cold, were deprived of certain delicious winter food.

During one of the winter vacations we happened to visit my mother’s parents. My maternal grandfather, that is, my Nanaji though in his late sixties was an active and fit person. He would go for his morning walks without fail even in deep winters. He suggested my mother to start giving ChayawanPrash to my brother as soon as the winters start. According to him, it will certainly be beneficial for his cold and overall immune system. As he was a regular taker of Chaywanprash and already had a bottle of it, my brother was asked to taste it. How could I not taste what he tastes? So, both of us had a spoonful of Dabur Chaywanprash at the time of breakfast followed by a glass of hot milk. The spicy tingle we both experienced made us fans of Dabur Chaywanprash. Needless to say that in a few days he felt better and gradually the cold was gone. He was back to his normal playful form. We enjoyed the winter vacation to its full. Mother was happy too as she could get more worry-free time to spend with her siblings and parents!

Since then, as soon as the winters set in, our favourite Dabur Chaywanprash assumed its place in the kitchen and visited our breakfast table without a miss!



This post was written for the IndiBlogger Happy Hours Campaign.



Sangita Passey
29 October 2014



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