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Sheroes… take charge!

November 15, 2014
Sheroes Summit: For Doers & Believers

‘Sheroes’ – an interesting word and concept that I had come across recently. The word seems to have been coined from the combination of two words ‘She + Heroes’. ‘Heros’ brings a masculine figure image to the mind and the word heroine takes our thoughts straight to the Bollywood movies where one usually doesn’t think much beyond the romantic songs that a heroine is made to sing with her hero in the woods around the trees.

The portrayal associated with the Bollywood heroine mostly is as a beautiful, attractive, delicate, stylish and elegant woman. It is rare that the image of a woman with courage, strong will-power, zeal and passion, and ability to do things beyond the conventional and traditional roles of comes to our mind with the word heroine.

Women entrepreneurs are one of these latter types. They are the smart heroines but may not be always in the sense Bollywood portrays them. They are powerful and different from their counterparts as they have in them energy, zeal, and a passion to do something beyond their conventional roles.

While teaching Mathematics to girl students I come across many such energised enthusiasts, who want to do to something different and enter the arena of entrepreneurship after completing their studies but lack the right help, guidance mentoring and direction.

‘Sheroes’ is one such platform to bring together these enterprising women who have started their business or want to start their own enterprise be it offline or online. The aim of Sheoroes is to provide guidance and support so that these entrepreneurs can realize their dreams and achieve the targets they are aiming for. It is indeed an excellent effort of Sairee Chahal, the founder of the concept.

‘Sheroes’ brings together these entrepreneurs by way of organising workshops, lectures, talks of accomplished professionals, interaction with people from successful business houses, sharing success stories and experiences of successful entrepreneurs, and get the work and business analysis done through a jury of proficient entrepreneurs and provide expert opinion for their evolution and growth.

Had a chance to attend one of these ‘Sheroes’ Summit at Delhi recently and listen to some of the well-known entrepreneurs. Mr Deep Kalra, founder and group CEO of the famous ticketing site ‘’ shared his experiences, teething problems his business faced, and of the steps for growth and expansion that they adopted. Based on his own experiences, he gave management tips that need to be catered to for successful growth and evolution of the business to wannabe entrepreneurs. The tips on how to hire people, study market, innovate, take risks, were shared and explained in simple language and easily comprehensible way. These aspects otherwise are generally overlooked by an amateur entrepreneur.

The talk by Mr James Joseph was rather interesting. He shared his experiences on how he had been successfully working from home even when he was working for Microsoft and now running a dried-Jackfruit business from his home in Kerala. He explained advantages of working from home but emphasised the importance of discipline for an entrepreneur who is working from home. In the absence of well-defined working norms, and disciplined approach towards the business running from home whether online or offline, is highly unlikely to grow and succeed. It is normally seen that those working or running a business from home do not adhere to discipline as they consider it secondary and often not taken seriously in the market and thus lose out.

Interaction with Paresh Nath, the owner of the publishing group Delhi Press to know how the publication evolved with changing times and the challenges publishing industry is facing with new and emerging trends, and chit-chat with Vidushi and Shantanu Mehra of designer Nikhil-Shantanu fame on how to cope with the work pressures and balance the family life and when both husband and wife are working, gives some relief to the budding entrepreneurs to know that they are not the only ones juggling with challenging situations.

Marketing the end product is of immense importance and this was told by Tavleen Mehndiratta of Tata Motors giving examples of marketing strategy for Nano and Nano Swift weaving beautifully through the presentation on mobility and sustainability.

The Sister mentorship programme was also launched during this summit by Sairee Chahal. And later on the B-Plans of some of the selected Sheroes participants were analysed and discussed by the jury and suggestions and advice given to the participants for growth and evolution of their business.

One can connect to Sheroes community through their Facebook page and their website.




Sheroes Summit: For Doers & Believers

Sheroes Summit: For Doers & Believers

Sheroes - Delhi Summit

Sheroes – Delhi Summit




Sangita Passey
15 November 2014


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