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‘Do max’ for a cause

November 18, 2014
'Do max' with Domex!

‘Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat’ – the call of our new Prime Minister, Mr Narender Modi, is a move welcomed by all citizens, urban and rural alike.

Open defecation or defecation in the open, though had been existing since long, had never been taken as a serious problem earlier as it is being taken now.  Understand that each one of us had been bugged by the issue but perhaps too shy or too helpless or unaware as to how to raise the issue!

My first reminiscence of open defecation can be traced back to almost fifty year back when I used to visit our ancestral village during school holidays. I recall that though we had a toilet (the kind of system existed then) on the far corner of the roof of our house, most of the others in the village did not have any. And the groups of women and girls going to the fields at dawn and dusk were a familiar sight. And this was kind of regular practice that everyone in the village knew and it was acceptable. I am sure many such girls are still in need of toilets in villages and Domex through is campaign ‘#ToiletForBabli’ is building them for rural women and girls!

The fields were large, away from the village and habitation, population was less, and perhaps bio-degradation took place faster and easily in the open and natural surroundings for its ill-effects to be visibly noticed or felt. Except for the inconvenience faced when it rained or when someone was ill, everyone seemed to have taken this practice of going to fields in his/her stride.

With the lop-sided development of our country where town and cities have grown and developed at a faster pace as compared to our villages, the problem of open defecation has shown its negative impact even in developed metro cities.

We all know that over the years the population has grown manifolds, not only in cities and towns… even villages have expanded. Reduced work opportunities in villages or the possibilities of better job opportunities made people move from villages to towns and from town to cities. Many more new residential colonies and commercial properties developed, and so did many unauthorised ones and JJ clusters (slums).

Since more work-force moved to cities from villages, they had to live in these JJ clusters and unauthorized colonies because of their limited resources. With little or no toilet facilities in these areas, older people could be seen carrying water-filled dirty plastic bottles to defecate in the nearby shrubs and children could be seen defecating openly in the streets, on the roadside pavements or footpaths. Very soon even parks were taken over by these hordes… and the sad part is that the decision-makers woke up to the need for constructing toilets only now. Well, even earlier there were funds allotted for toilets but the conversion is nowhere to be seen.

We all are aware of the hazards that open defecation carries with it. It is major source of infections and spreading of diseases. It is, therefore, to keep our surroundings clean and make more and more people aware of the sanitation and hygiene. For women and girls, going out in the open is also scary from the security point of view.

Initiative of Domex in this direction is appreciable. It started the ‘Domex Toilet Academy’ since November 2013. Besides creating awareness of clean and hygienic toilets among villagers, it is also helping them to provide long term solution for sanitation and providing access to toilets in the villages of Orissa and Maharashtra and is aiming to build 24000 toilets in rural areas by 2015!

Through its ‘Toilet for Babli’ campaign, Domex is contributing towards the construction of toilets in the villages. Each one of us can too contribute to this initiative of Domex by clicking on the tab button ‘Contribute Tab’ on the website For each click Domex contributes Rs5 to eradicate open defecation and help build ‘#ToiletForBabli’.

We now need to ‘do max’ for this cause… ‘do max’ with Domex!




'Do max' with Domex!

‘Do max’ with Domex!




Sangita Passey
18 November 2014

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