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Fear of offices

December 14, 2014
Rise abvove fear #RiseAboveFear

No one is born with fears. It is our parents, siblings, teachers, or friends or to say that the society as a whole instils fears in a child. As a child one is fearless to attempt new activities and explore the newly seen objects around oneself. ‘No don’t touch this you’ll be hurt’ or ‘don’t try climb the sofa or chair, or stairs you’ll fall’ or ‘Don’t go there a baba will come’ or ‘Sleep or the chowkidar will catch you’ are some of the common statements that almost all of us might have heard as a child. There are many more such like fear of darkness, height, water are also generated by our elders to simplify their work to deter a child from performing tasks that may involve some danger of getting hurt. Of course, not all fears are because of others some of our fears can be there because of our own experiences.

Some of these fears that are instilled in us a child are overcome with time as we grow up. But some may not leave you even when you are old enough and have children of your own.

The worst fear that I had was when I was about to come back to India after I had completed my DPhil at University of York. I remembered how I had to visit the Government offices for various clearances and wait there for hours for getting the files moved. A simple procedure of clearance would takes months and the officials in the offices would behave as if they are not doing their work but obliging me by doing their work. This had instilled a fear that getting any work done is a Herculean task in India. Trust me, though the things have improved a bit over the years, the worst fear I have even today is to go to any office and face an official there.

During three years of my stay I had become so used to a systematic way of working at the University, in their offices, banks, and stores. Not even once I had to go to any office and request for any work twice. I either had to phone them or write a simple letter and the work is done. No photocopies, no attestation by a gazetted officer was required.

So when it was time to come back home, I was really scared of facing these situations but had no alternative. The only way to tackle that fear was to take them head on. So, I gathered all my courage and started walking into the office with confidence and talk to the officials politely but firmly. At times your being looking confident enough helps. Not letting your politeness being appeared as fearfulness is the mantra that I learnt over the years.

Moreover, the officials who have duties involving public dealings have to deal with hundreds of people day in and day out, most of whom are not literate enough to understand the official procedures and will come with incomplete papers even after being explained by these officials. So, keeping in view of their exhausting day of public dealing if we show more tolerant approach towards them and remain smiling while talking to them, the work gets done faster and easily.



Rising above fear… the prompt on indiblogger on which I have based this post.



Rise abvove fear #RiseAboveFear

Rise abvove fear #RiseAboveFear



Sangita Passey
14 December 2014


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