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Gandhi ji ki cheli

December 27, 2014
Indiblogger 'Happy Hours' prompt sponsored by Kinley

‘Always speak the truth’, ‘Honesty is the best policy’ are some of the morals/ ethics almost each one of us have been taught by our elders when we were children. And I believe that even though the times have been changed a lot, still no one must be teaching his children to be cheats, liars, and dishonest. How and when a child learns and adopts these traits is a mystery to me. Does he learn it from his surroundings or because of the competitive world he is to survive in? Or he just follows the examples he sees around him? This needs an extensive debate… but the debate is not for today.

The other day I was watching the TV commercial for Kinley water. A teenage girl calling her father in the middle of the night to inform him that that she is with her friends at Lonavala and because she lied to him she could not sleep.

It is true that if one lies or hides the truth, one may experience a feeling of temporary triumph or victory, or may avoid an embarrassing situation or trouble but it can weigh on one’s conscience.

I could just remember a small incident from my childhood. Even when we were in primary school more than forty years ago, the class positions were as significant for us as they are today’s kids and their parents. There used to be a severe competition between three to four students of our class. Though I used to retain my position, the fear of losing my position was always there. So, the time when answer sheets after evaluation were shown to us was of immense anxiety. Totalling was checked and rechecked many times. There were children who would even compare the answer sheets and discuss with the teacher and argue why they have been given half or single mark less.  In subjective answers this was always possible depending on expression and content. There would be requests for increase of even a mark or half so that those who have not passed could pass or for an increase in the percentage.

During one such time, while checking my answer sheet I noticed that there was an error in totalling. The total was two marks more than what it should have been. It was just the beginning of the time when the evaluated answer sheets were being shown and was one of those initial subjects for which we had got the marks. So I did not know what lay in the store for me in other subjects and how I would fare. I didn’t know if these two extra marks that had come my way would affect my overall position. ‘Should I tell the teacher or should I not?’ the debate was on in my mind. ‘Tell her’, said one corner of the mind. ‘What if you get lesser marks in the subject and lose your rank in the class?’ said the other part of the brain.

‘No, you must tell the teacher,’ said my conscience to me.

I went to the teacher and told her about the error in total. She was very happy and told the whole class immediately and later to the other teachers too in the staff room. No doubt, this was given as an example for many years to come and I had to live with the label that I got from my classmates: ‘Gandhiji ki cheli’ (disciple of Gandhiji). But I was happy with it and did not have to ever live with the guilt of any falsehood or untruth just for the sake of two marks!





Indiblogger 'Happy Hours' prompt sponsored by Kinley

Indiblogger ‘Happy Hours’ prompt sponsored by Kinley


The ‘Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein‘ blogging prompt on Indiblogger ‘Happy Hours’


Sangita Passey
27 December 2014


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  1. Very nice and interesting article. The story is nice somewhat touched…Thank u

  2. Thanks for appreciating. I am glad that you liked it. We all face such moments in life when our conscience guides us in the right direction. Would love to have you’re views on other posts too.

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