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Litterbugs are nowhere to be found!

January 22, 2015
LitterBugs... drawn by Arvind Passey ( )

Call for Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan by our Prime Minister seems to have been taken pretty enthusiastically by our politicians, bureaucrats, government officials, celebrities, teachers, students and other citizens of the country.

‘The call must have been a boon for the scrap dealers too and they must have made a lot of money’, said Arvind while reading newspaper and continued,  ‘it says that various offices, ministries, and schools have cleared off loads of dumped garbage, broken furniture, waste papers, irreparable equipment computers and peripherals.’

‘And all this must have gone to the scrap dealers!’ he exclaimed. 

‘At least a large part that is profitable to the dealers, must have been bought by them,’ I replied.

‘Are we Indians not very eco-aware and do not throw away anything that can be sold off to the scrap dealers (raddi-walas) even for a rupee?’ I asked.

‘I am amazed that the opposition had not alleged of an agreement of the government with the scrap dealers to favour them,’ said Arvind mischievously without paying much attention to what I had said.

‘Are the Litterbugs that we see around us actually members of the other party? I guess media must explore this,’ he said smilingly.

‘You mean that other parties might have deployed these Litterbugs to create litter in such a huge amount that the government’s drive against cleanliness fails?’ I was trying to be intelligent enough to see through the plans of these litterbugs littering on the roads, offices, buildings, parks and all other public places.

Delhi elections were round the corner and listening to the debates of the various political parties had made us think and have a political outlook behind every move.

‘So how can these litterbugs political or otherwise be controlled?’ I was trying to get to a serious solution.

‘The government should now create a new ‘Ministry of Alleviation and Control of Litterbugs’ and may create posts of Litterbugs Controllers in each of the Ministry and offices,’ Arvind was still in his humorous mood.

‘This will create a whole lot of job opportunities too, you would say!’ I added laughingly.

‘That’s absolutely right!’ he said.

‘Going this way the policy of the other parties will boomerang’, I said.

‘Yes, so all the parties should be equally involved to get India free of these Litterbugs,’ he said. I could now see the seriousness in what he had said.

‘Not only political parties, even the NGOs, corporate and more importantly our religious preachers should take equal responsibility for spreading the word about cleanliness. Their concern should not remain limited to only premises of their work place, offices and religious buildings only’, I expressed my opinion.

‘Where will the parties find Litterbugs then?’ Arvind winked and we both laughed heartily.

Hope soon we teach a new nursery rhyme to all our kids:

Litterbugs, litterbugs, were once all around;
Litterbugs, litterbugs are nowhere to be found!




LitterBugs... drawn by Arvind Passey ( )

LitterBugs… drawn by Arvind Passey ( )


This post is a part of The Great Indian Litterbug ‘Happy Hours’ prompt on Indiblogger



Sangita Passey
22 January 2015


From → Boiling Point

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  1. Good post!!! While on this pls read my post – ‘A watch on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan –
    Feedback most welcome. Thanks

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