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My love, My Valentine!

February 15, 2015
#UnconditionalLove - Asus Zenfone, IndiBlogger

The second month of the year, February, is here! Deep winters are over.  Weather is cool and pleasant. Flowers are blooming everywhere and so is love. Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of this month only. Come February and it seems that love is blossoming everywhere! I am fortunate to be working in an educational institute and it gives me an opportunity to interact more often with the younger generation. With each passing year, though the age gap with my students increases, but I am benefitted to get connected to even a younger age group.

The excitement and enthusiasm of my students for the Valentine ’s Day is not a hidden fact for me now for the last few years. I believe that traditionally an anonymous card or a gift was used to be sent to the loved one to unlock his/her love. Traditions have changed over the years, it seems. Youth is more open and frank now. Preparation and planning for cards, gifts, and how to celebrate the days start days in advance.

I, too, could not remain indifferent to this stimulating atmosphere of love and emotions. One day, I was curious and asked a few of my students what they liked the best about their Valentines. It was interesting to listen to their answers. Almost all of them replied wisely and thoughtfully. Most of them had chosen to look in their Valentines one or more of the significant qualities like caring nature, educated, dependability, compatibility, friendliness, knowledgeable, modern, social, and of course good looks.

I know that I am blessed to have a husband who has all these qualities. I could not help wondering who would have been if not him.

On reaching home I asked him, ‘Who could have been my Valentine if I had not met and married you and had been looking for my Valentine even now?’

‘Zenfone 6’, he replied and get back to his writing.

‘What? I am asking who could have been my Valentine if I had not met you.’ I asked again thinking he had not answered to my query.

‘Zenfone 6 would have been and even now’, he winked and said laughingly and added, ‘It has almost all the qualities a woman can look for. You can get it on Flipkart also.’

This intrigued me. I googled for Zenfone 6 and was fascinated with its features.

Surely, Zenfone 6 AC601CG won my heart this Valentine. Let me share with you just five major features that I liked about it.

Attractive looks made me fall in love with it instantly. I loved its deep black colour. Black colour reminded me of my youth and long black hair that I loved when I was younger. Though it is available in other colours too but I leave those for other women!

Large screen display of this phone of 6” size is reader friendly that helps me read and write the messages easily. Browsing is much easier and is certainly more fun.

A powerful Lithium battery of 3300 mAh makes it highly dependable and can last long enough for my needs of talking, messaging and browsing for the day.

It is caring enough with an internal memory of 16GB and expandable to 64GB makes sure that I can remember and store all my contacts, important dates, and data, and help me to remain in touch with anyone, anywhere all the time and not compromise with being social.

Free Asus Web Storage of 5GB makes it a great life time companion to store all my pictures, selfies and videos with its primary camera of 13MP and secondary camera of 2MP.

‘How did you like Zenfone 6?’ Arvind asked. He had finished his writing by now.

‘Surely, it can be my Valentine this year!’ I said and smiled.

‘But for me, you are my love, my Valentine!’ Arvind said lovingly and we laughed together.



#UnconditionalLove - Asus Zenfone, IndiBlogger

#UnconditionalLove – Asus Zenfone, IndiBlogger

A post on the #UnconditionalLove experience with the Asus Zenfone… indiblogger

Sangita Passey
15 February 2015


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