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A Positive from a Negative

March 15, 2015

There have been many times when I felt stressed and low. I am sure each one of us has such moments some time or the other in our life. It could be at a time when things are not moving well at the work place, or when the result card of our children shows their poor performance, or because of the illness of our loved ones, or some unfamiliar rules and regulations of an organisation that you have to deal with unexpectedly.

During such moments one tends to feel completely helpless and loses every hope of getting the situation transform for the better. But life goes on like a roller coaster and has its ups with these downs too! This I learnt only on retrospection.

‘How will we manage this?’ I had shown the letter to Arvind. 

I was visibly tense after reading the letter that we had received from the housing authority where we had been allotted our plot a few years back.

‘It says we need to construct the house by March end or the allotment will be cancelled’, he read and commented.

‘What do we do now? How can this be done at such a short notice of just three months?’ I was extremely tense. The reason for this worry was obviously money.

It was after a lot of financial yoga and with much difficulty that we had paid the instalments for the plot. Home budgets during those times were on a tight string. The mere mention of cancellation of the plot in the letter that we had received was making me jittery. Savings with all the expenses in a metro city are not large enough to manage such situations. We were anyway foreseeing expenses for higher education of our son and that was the prime priority for us at that time.

‘Yes, it is a matter of concern, no doubt. Relax, Specky! We’ll try to find out what can be done and how it can be done’, Arvind tried to calm me down in his usual way. He knew that like all mothers I had already been anxious and having sleepless nights as our son was to appear for his board exams in two months’ time.

He has always been like that. Cool and composed! This is why I always #lookup to him whenever I am tense about an issue. Being #together with him makes me strong enough to take challenges and face the difficult situations. And I always wonder ‘Why can’t I be like him?’ But it is also a fact of life that no two people have identical temperament.

His words gave me some strength. I knew that #together we would find some solution to our problem that had just popped up when we were least expecting it.

There, of course, had been a series of steps that we had taken after this – like visiting the office of the authority, contacting banks for loan, and finding an architect for a suitable design for the house, requesting one of our relations in the construction business to help us in this venture before we could manage the extension of time limit for completion of our house and got the construction started at the plot.

In retrospect, we both still feel that if that letter had not come we would not have and could not have started the construction of our house!

‘There is always some good in whatever happens’ is what my mother used to say when I was young whenever I felt upset with something. She was a source of strength to me when we were #together before my marriage.

‘You have to be positive. Throw the negative thoughts out of your mind! There is no problem that does not come without a solution’ is what Arvind always says when I am stressed and troubled.

And I know that both are correct. I am fortunate to have them around me… people who encourage me to be optimistic in all situations!





Sangita Passey
14 March 2015


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