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PWD, Help us reducing our weight soon!

March 15, 2015

‘Biscuits?’ Arvind offered me some when we were having our evening tea after the day’s work.

‘No, I must seriously do something about my weight. I have put on too many extra kilos over the last two years’, I replied.

‘Even I have added kilos and I had never weighed more than 60kg. I always weighed between 55-60kgs’, he agreed.

‘We need to start our morning walks soon.’ I said.

‘I am always ready. You don’t wake me up,’ he said jokingly. He knew well why our walks had been discontinued.

‘Once we restart our walks, we will lose our extra kilos’, he smiled and said. He was as optimistic as always.

I sipped my tea silently and raised my head to #lookup to his radiant face brimming with hope and confidence.

We had been regulars for morning and evening walks for quite a few years before we moved to our new accommodation near the heart of Delhi. We were excited to be in central Delhi as it meant travelling lesser distances to reach destinations in any direction.

But every advantage comes at a price. Here the price we were paying was in the form of absence of any green belts near our flats. The nearest green patch we could locate was the Talkatora garden which is at a distance of around 2km. It was undoubtedly a very good place for our morning walks and we had restarted our walks with full enthusiasm in the beginning as I had summer vacations going on at that time. Once the vacations were over, juggling between the time schedule of the maid and our walks did not work out. For obvious reasons, the maid’s presence took priority over our walks.

Evening walks in Talkatora could not happen as it closed before we could reach there after work. So, we decided to walk to Gole Market daily in the evening. This worked for a few weeks though it was never a pleasant experience. Hopping on and off the ill-maintained, encroached pavements, walking on the unsafe pot-holed roads with heavy traffic whizzing past and the air filled with pollution of the entire day was certainly a big disappointment as compared to the lovely experience we had at Talkatora garden.

Our walk to Gole Market was rather discouraging because of all the negatives I have mentioned. Compared to this, our long city walks on well-maintained pavements of London during our visits there are unforgettable. We had lost a few of our extra kilos during those two months of our stay there. And we are sure if we start our walks again we will be able to shed some again.

‘Hey Arvind, see this!’ I was excited to notice a piece of news in the newspaper while flipping through it.

We both read that news together and even forgot to sip the tea we were having.

News in today’s Mail Today has given a ray of and hope and a spark of optimism. According to the newspaper Delhi Govt. has decided to divert funds from the big projects to maintain, beautify, and free the pavements from encroachment. PWD has been working on it. What a relief to the pedestrians and walkers like us!

Hope and optimism has not been given up! Soon we will start our walks. We #lookup to the present Delhi Govt. and PWD for more such citizen friendly actions!






Sangita Passey
15 March 2015


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