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Honey in your diet

July 10, 2015

‘Have something’, I said and offered a platter containing some snacks to the teenaged daughter of one my old school friends.

‘No thanks, auntie. I am on a diet’, and refused politely and glancing towards her mother through the corner of her eyes.

I was meeting my friend after almost 35 years and obviously her daughter for the first time. Of course she was a little plump for her age and perhaps anxious about her looks and body like any other normal girl of her age.

‘She has recently joined a crash diet regime’, told my friend who appeared to be more concerned about her looks than the daughter.

‘You see, with her studies, school and coaching classes she hardly gets any time for exercise and so she is putting on weight’, my friend continued.

How I wished to give a lecture (being a teacher it comes to me naturally) to my friend on providing her daughter a balanced diet and a balanced life style rather than putting her on a crash diet menu. But I controlled myself since I was meeting her after a long time and wanted to talk about other things rather than giving her sermons.

Even after she left I could not help thinking about this ‘crash’ approach.

As a teacher I had never been a believer or supporter of the crash courses to attain long time benefits. Crash courses are an excellent technique for revision and score better for those who had been studying consistently throughout the year. These may be of help for some to gain some knowledge to gain a short term advantage like passing the exam. But these crash courses hardly help students to acquire an in-depth and long lasting knowledge.

Similarly, a human body needs a balanced diet approach to be healthy, strong and fit for a long period. For a healthy body one needs all the constituents in the right proportion that best suits it according to the age, weight, and life style. I wanted to inform my friend that these crash diet courses can do more harm than good to the body of a human being. Rather than depriving her daughter for the necessary diet constituents it would have been better to let her have a balanced diet and to encourage her to include some sport and exercise in her daily routine.

For maintaining healthy body, mind and life we need to make a sustained effort and balance our food (constituents) with regular exercise or sport.

In my opinion, crash diets needs to be replaced by smart diets. For years now my husband has replaced his morning tea by lime water with a spoonful of honey in it when he comes back from his morning walk. Honey as substitute for refined sugar to some dishes that I cook not only enhances the taste and flavour of the dish but protects us from consuming more calories that refined sugar contains.

Colour and taste of honey can vary depending on the source of nectar and processing method. One can decide on his like after a trial and tasting various varieties of honey like we did.  Our choice is Dabur honey and it always has a special place in my kitchen shelf.







Sangita Passey
10 July 2015


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