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October 25, 2015

‘Good evening! What a wonderful weather’, said Arvind as he had entered the living room where we all were sitting. We all had woken up to an overcast sky after an afternoon nap on a hot summer day. The moist and cool breeze had transformed that hot Sunday day into a pleasant and ideal Sunday evening.

‘It seems to have rained somewhere nearby’, added my mother-in-law.

The scorching and sweltering heat of summer has the ability to irritate any sane and rational person to an unimaginable extent. And an overcast sky, cool and breezy weather, that too on a Sunday, was like a lottery for everyone.

‘A perfect day for hot and crispy ‘pakoras’ with tea’, added my father-in-law, ‘It was what we used to have whenever it drizzled and rained.’

He was recalling the times when he was young and did not have any health problems. Even now he is very health conscious and takes care of himself. He follows all dietary restrictions that are advised by his doctors to keep himself fit and in good health.

‘He always loved potato and vegetable pakoras’, said my mother-in-law.

‘Shall I fry some?’ I offered instantly.

‘, no. I was just mentioning about it. Fried food is not good for me’, he replied immediately.

Arvind and I looked at each other. And our eyes said to each other that we need to experiment again to make this evening as crispy and special one as he had with ‘pakoras’ when he was in his prime.

We knew that our stocks of McCain in the freezer will come handy to make this evening special and crispy for him without compromising with his dietary controls and healthy life-style.

It was tea time anyway. Arvind was with me in the kitchen as usual helping me with preparing tea. While in the kitchen for preparing tea, we air-fried some crispy and crunchy Potato Cheese Shots, Chilli Garlic Potato Bites and Aaloo Tikki in my microwave which has this facility. Canapes were prepared with placing Potato Cheese Shots and Chilli Garlic Potato Bites between diced papaya and banana pieces on the toothpicks. Some more Potato Cheese Shots and Chilli Garlic Potato Bites, along with Aaloo Tikkis were sprinkled with mozrella cheese and microwaved just for a few seconds to melt the cheese keeping the crispness intact and served decorated with tomatoes wedges.

McCain Canape 1

McCain Canapes


McCain Canape 2

McCain Canapes


McCain Aaloo Tikki

McCain Snacks


‘Tea is ready’, we announced as soon as we carried the tray with tea and crispy snacks to the living room where mummy and papa ji were sitting and chatting.

‘These are very crispy and tasty’, said papa ji after tasting the canapes.

‘And fruit pieces are healthy too’, added mummy, ‘a very good combination with tasty bites with fruits’, said approvingly.

‘You guys are very smart. You made these crispy snacks in no time. We did not even get to know,’ papaji said smilingly to us.

We are sure that McCain crispy snacks helped us see the same smile on his face that he might have had when mummy had served him ‘pakoras’ with tea on any rainy day that they had savoured together many times more than fifty years ago. Their happy smiles and gleaming eyes said that all.

We smiled back and were happy about our decision to have McCain Snacks in our freezer.





Sangita Passey
25 October 2015



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