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Age is no bar to begin blogging. All that is needed is a little josh, a little will, some ideas, and the urge to use words to grind the best possible \'masala\' that tastes good when read!

Gandhi ji ki cheli

Indiblogger 'Happy Hours' prompt sponsored by Kinley

‘Always speak the truth’, ‘Honesty is the best policy’ are some of the morals/ ethics almost each one of us have been taught by our elders when we were children. And I believe that even though the times have been changed a lot, still no one must be teaching his children to be cheats, liars, and dishonest. How and when a child learns and adopts these traits is a mystery to me. Does he learn it from his surroundings or because of the competitive world he is to survive in? Or he just follows the examples he sees around him? This needs an extensive debate… but the debate is not for today.

The other day I was watching the TV commercial for Kinley water. A teenage girl calling her father in the middle of the night to inform him that that she is with her friends at Lonavala and because she lied to him she could not sleep.

It is true that if one lies or hides the truth, one may experience a feeling of temporary triumph or victory, or may avoid an embarrassing situation or trouble but it can weigh on one’s conscience. Read more…


Fear of offices

Rise abvove fear #RiseAboveFear

No one is born with fears. It is our parents, siblings, teachers, or friends or to say that the society as a whole instils fears in a child. As a child one is fearless to attempt new activities and explore the newly seen objects around oneself. ‘No don’t touch this you’ll be hurt’ or ‘don’t try climb the sofa or chair, or stairs you’ll fall’ or ‘Don’t go there a baba will come’ or ‘Sleep or the chowkidar will catch you’ are some of the common statements that almost all of us might have heard as a child. There are many more such like fear of darkness, height, water are also generated by our elders to simplify their work to deter a child from performing tasks that may involve some danger of getting hurt. Of course, not all fears are because of others some of our fears can be there because of our own experiences.

Some of these fears that are instilled in us a child are overcome with time as we grow up. But some may not leave you even when you are old enough and have children of your own. Read more…

The bio-metric attendance machine

‘Our newspapers are reporting that sarkari babus have started coming to office in time. Is this news?’ said our Prime Minister in his speech on the Independence Day. Obviously the reference was to punctuality that had crept in the government offices due the installation of bio-metric attendance machines and the long term plan to connect it to the salary calculations. Fear of deductions in the limited official leaves that government employees are entitled to, and deductions in their salary had made each one of them punctual irrespective of where he is placed in the hierarchy of the government machinery.

Let us look at the way things now happen in any government office or a sarkari institution. It is nearly always hilarious. Instances of people rushing to mark their attendance even before parking the car in the parking slot, or paying the auto driver or rickshaw-walas are commonly visible in the morning. Such is the influence and fear of this small gadget called bio-metric attendance machine! Read more…

Broom! Broom! to Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong... Meghalaya. The cleanest village in Asia.

Seven North-Eastern states, namely Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh of India that are together known as seven sisters, consisted of mainly tribal areas.

Efforts to bring these tribes to the main stream of population seemed to have been started by missionaries even during the British rule. This perception is because many of the tribes are now following Christianity and there are a number of old churches in the region. These are an integral part of India since 1947.

And in order to promote tourism to these states, Govt. of India also offered its employees to convert one of their Leave Travel Concession (LTC) for their home town visit into LTC to less known NE Region.  Read more…

Cycling in Amsterdam

On the bridge from where we see the Windmills in a row along the river... in the outskirts of Zandaam, near Amsterdam

When one is fifty-five, living in Delhi, driving through heavy traffic that has a mix of not only fast and slow vehicles but carts too, on terribly congested roads that are in a pitiable state, and with honking vehicles surrounding you… is always a nightmare! There are not even proper footpaths, what to say of separate cycle tracks –so cycling in Delhi remained a distant dream!

I loved my cycling trips with friends during school, college and university days when other motorized vehicles were not so common and a cycle was the only mode of transport for us students. Those were times when children in our villages would stop to stare in astonishment and mutter ‘Look! Girls are riding bicycles!’ And it was not so popular to go for long cycling tours to the nearby villages or small towns for day trips. But those memories are still fresh in my mind.  Read more…

‘Do max’ for a cause

'Do max' with Domex!

‘Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat’ – the call of our new Prime Minister, Mr Narender Modi, is a move welcomed by all citizens, urban and rural alike.

Open defecation or defecation in the open, though had been existing since long, had never been taken as a serious problem earlier as it is being taken now.  Understand that each one of us had been bugged by the issue but perhaps too shy or too helpless or unaware as to how to raise the issue! Read more…

Sheroes… take charge!

Sheroes Summit: For Doers & Believers

‘Sheroes’ – an interesting word and concept that I had come across recently. The word seems to have been coined from the combination of two words ‘She + Heroes’. ‘Heros’ brings a masculine figure image to the mind and the word heroine takes our thoughts straight to the Bollywood movies where one usually doesn’t think much beyond the romantic songs that a heroine is made to sing with her hero in the woods around the trees. Read more…

Herbs for health

The truth is that jingles are probably nearer health than healthy herbs are… at least this is what I recall from my childhood. All I remember are cosmetics with catchy jingles and not a single health product comes to my mind. So I remember: ‘Tandrusti ki raksha karta hai Lifebuoy; Lifebuoy hai jahan tandrusti hai vahan’ as one of the most common ad-jingle that was on air on Aakashwani’s newly launched Vividh Bharti. Those were perhaps the days when these products were not so common in Indian households and the companies were trying to bring a phase of transition by making people believe that their products are better than the age-old and time-tested methods. Novelty attracts everyone and so does the ease of usage. Read more…

Diwali Aayee Tricycle Laayee

Diwali is fun for children, a festival that brings excitement and happiness all around. Besides looking forward to those home-made laddos, besan matthis, and other sweets, the edible toys called ‘khilone’ made of powdered sugar as the major ingredient  that are available only during Diwali festival. These toys or ‘khilone’ come in different shapes and sizes and children are excited to choose the shape of their choice and these taste delicious whether eaten alone or with the ‘kheelein’ — the roasted and puffed rice. More so when all other Diwali sweets are finished! And on top of that fire crackers or ‘patakhe’ add to the pleasure and delight. Read more…

Game of Blogs — Midway through the heart. Week 2

 Team: Qissa


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Reaching Beyond


Standing in her balcony Roohi was watching boys and girls of her block play cricket down in the small space left between two rows of parked cars in the apartment campus. It was once again one of those days when there was an argument between Tara and Shekhar on a trivial issue that had spoiled Roohi’s mood too. Read more…