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Age is no bar to begin blogging. All that is needed is a little josh, a little will, some ideas, and the urge to use words to grind the best possible \'masala\' that tastes good when read!


‘Good evening! What a wonderful weather’, said Arvind as he had entered the living room where we all were sitting. We all had woken up to an overcast sky after an afternoon nap on a hot summer day. The moist and cool breeze had transformed that hot Sunday day into a pleasant and ideal Sunday evening.

‘It seems to have rained somewhere nearby’, added my mother-in-law.

The scorching and sweltering heat of summer has the ability to irritate any sane and rational person to an unimaginable extent. And an overcast sky, cool and breezy weather, that too on a Sunday, was like a lottery for everyone. Read more…


Honey in your diet

‘Have something’, I said and offered a platter containing some snacks to the teenaged daughter of one my old school friends.

‘No thanks, auntie. I am on a diet’, and refused politely and glancing towards her mother through the corner of her eyes.

I was meeting my friend after almost 35 years and obviously her daughter for the first time. Of course she was a little plump for her age and perhaps anxious about her looks and body like any other normal girl of her age.

‘She has recently joined a crash diet regime’, told my friend who appeared to be more concerned about her looks than the daughter. Read more…

Get – Set – Bolt

#BoltDrives Our team was Bolt Revotron Team 2

Summers started a bit early this year and the coolers and air conditioners came into action much earlier than previous years. Sundays in summers are usually spent without any activity as the hot weather just exhausts me and I have no energy left to do anything beyond the essential routine at home.

But the #BoltDrives activity to drive a #TataBolt to #NeemranaFort by #Blogadda seemed pretty cool and held a promise to bring me into action and I could not help but register for the activity when Arvind told me about this. Driving the newly launched Tata Bolt to one of the most sought after weekend holiday destinations near Delhi was rather exciting. That too, with a group of other enthusiastic bloggers. Read more…

The Mathematics of smiles

The Mathematics of Smile

‘What do I have to do to become a Mathematics teacher like you?’

I still remember the time I asked this question to one of my favourite teachers who happened to be my best friend’s mom too.

‘What subject would you like to teach?’ she had asked.

‘Mathematics’, I had replied confidently.

She smiled. I smiled too. She had been teaching me Mathematics in middle school. It was she and her way of teaching that had kindled my interest in the subject which most children are afraid of. Read more…

PWD, Help us reducing our weight soon!


‘Biscuits?’ Arvind offered me some when we were having our evening tea after the day’s work.

‘No, I must seriously do something about my weight. I have put on too many extra kilos over the last two years’, I replied.

‘Even I have added kilos and I had never weighed more than 60kg. I always weighed between 55-60kgs’, he agreed.

‘We need to start our morning walks soon.’ I said.

‘I am always ready. You don’t wake me up,’ he said jokingly. He knew well why our walks had been discontinued.

‘Once we restart our walks, we will lose our extra kilos’, he smiled and said. He was as optimistic as always.

I sipped my tea silently and raised my head to #lookup to his radiant face brimming with hope and confidence.

Read more…

A Positive from a Negative


There have been many times when I felt stressed and low. I am sure each one of us has such moments some time or the other in our life. It could be at a time when things are not moving well at the work place, or when the result card of our children shows their poor performance, or because of the illness of our loved ones, or some unfamiliar rules and regulations of an organisation that you have to deal with unexpectedly.

During such moments one tends to feel completely helpless and loses every hope of getting the situation transform for the better. But life goes on like a roller coaster and has its ups with these downs too! This I learnt only on retrospection.

‘How will we manage this?’ I had shown the letter to Arvind.  Read more…

A student, a wife and a mother


Like all previous years the advertisement inviting applications for Commonwealth Scholarships had appeared in the newspaper. And like each year that had already gone by, we had carefully cut the advertisement, the form was bought thinking that I would apply for the scholarship to fulfil my dream of pursuing my PhD. This had become some sort of annual ritual for us by now. Ritual, I say, because I was never able to post the application despite all preliminary steps being taken all these years. I had left my permanent job as Lecturer in the University and my research work as we had decided to move to Delhi after marriage and then soon was blessed with a son too. No, I do not regret any of these decisions. Read more…

My love, My Valentine!

#UnconditionalLove - Asus Zenfone, IndiBlogger

The second month of the year, February, is here! Deep winters are over.  Weather is cool and pleasant. Flowers are blooming everywhere and so is love. Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of this month only. Come February and it seems that love is blossoming everywhere! I am fortunate to be working in an educational institute and it gives me an opportunity to interact more often with the younger generation. With each passing year, though the age gap with my students increases, but I am benefitted to get connected to even a younger age group.

The excitement and enthusiasm of my students for the Valentine ’s Day is not a hidden fact for me now for the last few years. I believe that traditionally an anonymous card or a gift was used to be sent to the loved one to unlock his/her love. Traditions have changed over the years, it seems. Youth is more open and frank now. Preparation and planning for cards, gifts, and how to celebrate the days start days in advance. Read more…

Litterbugs are nowhere to be found!

LitterBugs... drawn by Arvind Passey ( )

Call for Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan by our Prime Minister seems to have been taken pretty enthusiastically by our politicians, bureaucrats, government officials, celebrities, teachers, students and other citizens of the country.

‘The call must have been a boon for the scrap dealers too and they must have made a lot of money’, said Arvind while reading newspaper and continued,  ‘it says that various offices, ministries, and schools have cleared off loads of dumped garbage, broken furniture, waste papers, irreparable equipment computers and peripherals.’

‘And all this must have gone to the scrap dealers!’ he exclaimed.  Read more…

Gandhi ji ki cheli

Indiblogger 'Happy Hours' prompt sponsored by Kinley

‘Always speak the truth’, ‘Honesty is the best policy’ are some of the morals/ ethics almost each one of us have been taught by our elders when we were children. And I believe that even though the times have been changed a lot, still no one must be teaching his children to be cheats, liars, and dishonest. How and when a child learns and adopts these traits is a mystery to me. Does he learn it from his surroundings or because of the competitive world he is to survive in? Or he just follows the examples he sees around him? This needs an extensive debate… but the debate is not for today.

The other day I was watching the TV commercial for Kinley water. A teenage girl calling her father in the middle of the night to inform him that that she is with her friends at Lonavala and because she lied to him she could not sleep.

It is true that if one lies or hides the truth, one may experience a feeling of temporary triumph or victory, or may avoid an embarrassing situation or trouble but it can weigh on one’s conscience. Read more…